Read-a-Card offers all the necessary features to enable quick and easy integration of contactless ID cards into a campus’ software and systems. Read-a-Card is a highly effective software utility for reading data from most contactless cards, proximity tokens and RFID tags, proximity tokens and RFID tags, and passing that data into your in-house or off the shelf IT systems.

Enroll students the smart & future-proof way

Read-a-Card offers quick and easy reading and integration of all common contactless smart card technologies, including DESFire, MIFARE, HID iClass & HID Prox technologies. Using industry standards, Read-a-Card will remain compatible with most existing and future PC based contactless card readers.

Monitor & record student engagement & classroom attendance

Most educational establishments are required to monitor attendance and review engagement of students. This is to ensure equal treatment among all students and provide a tool for identifying and understanding any problems a student might come across at an early stage.

Read-a-Card can record when a card is read to a local log, in addition to passing the card data and time stamp on to any system on your network. This creates an easy and maintenance free method of monitoring attendance in your classrooms, lecture halls, or other events.

Integrate card IDs into your own applications quickly & easily

Read-a-Card can be fully integrated with other desktop or web-based software applications using Read-a-Card’s API or built-in web server capabilities, as well as launch applications or URLs according to the card data that was read.

This enables you to link the card data into your existing applications to provide a clear and seamless view of your students’ activities.

Versatile & compatible ID recognition software

Read-a-Card has been designed to read a card’s unique ID, respond to an NFC Smart Poster, or read private MIFARE sector data. This way no matter where on the card your data is being stored, Read-a-Card will be able to retrieve it and pass it into your system.