Compatible readers

Read-a-Card works with most contactless 13.56MHz smartcard readers that conform to the PC/SC 2.01 standard, as well as some additional non-PC/SC readers and other specialist devices. Below is a list of those readers that have been specifically tested, but if you have a different model then please use the free trial version on the Read-a-Card web site to establish compatibility. Current/recommended models are shown in bold:

Dot Origin VTAP mobile pass NFC readers


Notes: Read‑a‑Card is free to use with any VTAP reader. When a VTAP reader using firmware v2.1.12.7 or later is connected to a PC running Read‑a‑Card software v3.4.5 or later, Read‑a‑Card will be automatically licensed for use. (VTAP mobile pass NFC readers are recognised as a proprietary readers by Read‑a‑Card software from Read-a-Card version v3.4.0 onward.)

ACS readers

ACR120S, ACR120U, ACR122U, ACR122T, ACR122S, ACR122L, ACR1222L, ACR1251U, ACR1252U-DOT, ACR1252U-M1 SAM, ACR1255U, ACR128U, ACR1281S-C1, ACR1281S-C8, ACR1281U-C1, ACR1281U-C8, ACM1252U-Y3, ACM1252U-Z2, ACM1281U-C7

Notes: Up to 10 ACR1255U readers can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth, using the ACS driver/tools. ACS readers do not support e-licensing. The ACR1252U SAM supports SAM licensing.

Omnikey readers

5021 CL, 5022 CL, 5023 CL, 5025 CL, 5121, 5127 CK Mini, 5321 V2, 5321 CL, 5321 CL SAM, 5321 CR, 5325, 5325 CL, 5421, 5422, 5427 CK, 6321

Notes: Most Omnikey readers support e-licensing. The 5021 CL and 5022 CL support HID (legacy) iClass card reading only, while HID iClass SE and Seos card reading are supported on the Omnikey 5023 and 5427 CK with Read-a-Card V3.3 or later. HID Mobile ID is also supported in this version when using an Omnikey 5427 CK with Bluetooth option.

SCM/Identiv readers

SCL010, SCL011, SCL3711, SCM3712, SDI010, SDI011, uTrust/Cloud 3700F, 4700F, 4701F, 4711F.

Notes: All Identiv readers support e-licensing.

Sony readers

RC-S320, RC-S330, RC-S380

Gemalto readers

IDBridge CL3000 (Prox DU), IDBridge CL300 (Prox SU)

Gemini 2000 readers

GemTAG x1010IP

Cherry readers

Smartboard Twin G83-6675

License options

Read-a-Card can be licensed in various ways. The most common options are as follows:

SAM license – this uses a SIM-sized smartcard that fits inside a compatible SIM reader or into a compatible contactless reader with a SAM slot. This is a flexible option because the license can be moved easily from one reader or PC to another.

e-license – this works for any reader with an electronic serial number or ID, which is the case for most Omnikey, Identiv/SCM and Gemalto readers. The license is provided as a file that can be fetched from an online server or installed/copied manually. You can run Read-a-Card on any number of PCs as long as a licensed reader is attached. You can use Read-a-Card in trial mode to establish if you reader has an electronic ID, and to request an e-license online.

PC-based license – this is the best option if you want to use many different readers, or your preferred reader does not support other licensing methods. The license is supplied as an activation card or label, which is presented to any standard 13.56MHz card reader when Read-a-Card is first run. If it needs to be moved to another PC, there is a procedure for removing and re-licensing the software.