Automatic card reading and keyboard input emulation

Our card integration automation kits make it quick & easy to use contactless smartcards in a whole range of applications, without the need to develop specialized interfaces to existing software and systems.

Each kit includes a USB card reader with ‘Read-a-Card’ software and matching reader e-license. The versatile card reading software automates the input of card credentials to your chosen applications. Just choose the kit with the appropriate card-reader for your type of contactless smartcards: HID Prox or MIFARE (including MIFARE Classic, Ultralight and DESFire) & iClass.

With the USB card reader connected to a PC, Read-a-Card automatically identifies the type of card presented to the reader, extracts the desired data and sends it as simulated key-strokes to the chosen target application (in a customizable format).

This ‘universal keyboard wedge’ functionality is extremely flexible and can be used in many applications. Existing access control cards can be used in additional applications, such as:

  • User registration, identification & access control
  • Manufacturing process control, together with PLCs and embedded controllers
  • Vending machine use
  • Exhibition attendance tracking
  • Loyalty card reading
  • Asset tracking for medicines and high value items
  • Barcode scanner replacement

Read-a-Card contactless card integration automation kits

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