Read-a-Card is available with several different licensing options, depending on the type of reader and the way in which you prefer to use the software.

Read-a-Card e-license

An e-license is available if your reader has a unique electronic serial number or ID, in which case the software can be installed on any number of PCs (and will work with any number of readers) as long as the licensed reader is connected while Read-a-Card is in use. It is usually the most suitable solution if you have already purchased a compatible reader, and you can also buy certain readers with an e-license already included in the price. You can check whether your reader has a recognised electronic ID by using the trial version of Read-a-Card. Electronic software licenses are issued online and can also be supplied in a file for offline activation.

Most models of Omnikey, Identiv, SCM and Gemalto readers support e-licensing.

Read-a-Card PC-based license

A PC-based license is most suitable if you plan to use different readers at different times, or if you are using a reader that does not support electronic licensing. The license is supplied as a contactless activation tag that allows it to be activated on a single PC for use with any number of different readers. The software will continue to run even if no reader is attached.

Note that a PC-based license cannot be activated with an Omnikey 5×25-series Prox reader, since the Read-a-Card contactless activation tag uses 13.56MHz technology. If you want to move a PC-based license from one computer to another, you will have to follow our procedure for removing and re-licensing your software.

Read-a-Card SAM license

A SAM license supplied in the form of a SIM-sized smartcard, which is normally fitted within a compatible reader which has a built-in PC/SC-compliant SAM slot. You can also fit a SAM license card into a separate USB SIM reader, sometimes known as a ‘token’ reader. The software can be installed on any number of PCs (and will work with any number of readers) but requires the reader containing the SAM to be connected while Read-a-Card is in use. The SAM can also be moved from one PC or reader to another as required.