What information does Read-a-Card allow me to obtain?

Read-a-Card allows the user to obtain the unique ID from many types of contactless cards and tags. By default it is set to copy the card ID to the keyboard buffer when the program is minimised, but this feature can be turned off.

You can also set the card ID format you want Read-a-Card to use. This can be Hex Standard, Hex Reversed, Decimal Standard (4 byte), Decimal Reversed (4 byte), HID Prox or iClass Wiegand (26 bit or 37 bit).

Read-a-Card also has the ability to detect and log the unique ID of several models of reader to help manage multiple reader support.

Which readers and cards are compatible with Read-a-Card?

Read-a-Card has been tested to work with various readers that conform to the PC/SC V2.0 standard as well as several other devices. The software reads ID’s from all popular contactless card types.

For more details on compatible readers please visit our Read-a-Card Compatibility page

If your card or reader type is not shown please contact us as the software is continually being updated.

Can Read-a-Card work as a background program?

Yes, Read-a-Card can run in the background on a Windows PC and can insert the serial number that it reads into text input fields on other applications (otherwise known as a keyboard wedge).