Read-a-Card provides a quick and easy way of implementing RFID card reading functions in a wide range of different situations. It has been used for all sorts of different applications in many different market areas, ranging from Education to Access Control, and from Event Management to Yachting..!

Software developers also love Read-a-Card because it takes away the headache of having to develop and maintain code to deal with the complexities of interfacing with individual hardware devices, and instead provides a consistent and flexible API that can be used to get RFID information from cards and tags on the desktop and online.

You can read more about some of the market-specific uses for Read-a-Card by clicking on the links below.

arrow-iconRead-a-Card for Education
arrow-iconRead-a-Card for Installers
arrow-iconRead-a-Card for Developers

Meeting your RFID card reading requirements with Read-a-Card