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Read-a-Card is compatible with many different card types such as the popular MIFARE, DESFire, iClass and HID Prox cards, as well as Sony’s Felica technology. Read-a-Card is a software utility that can be utilised to quickly and simply identify cards that come and go in any contactless installation.

For a full list of features, please visit the Read-a-Card features page.
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With today’s strong focus on security conscious solutions, there is an ever increasing trend of information being encoded into MIFARE sectors. Read-a-Card does have the facilities to gain quick and easy access to this information, provided the security keys are known.

For more information on MIFARE sector reading, please refer to the Read-a-Card MIFARE Sector Decoder documentation.


Read-a-Card offers installers the opportunity to grow sales from new and existing accounts by integrating the Read-a-Card software in their own solutions. The addition of Read-a-Card to RFID-based security systems significantly contributes towards a seamless operation in numerous application areas such as attendance, library systems and database insertion.

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